LAVANY Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar are certified AB - Organic farming or come from conventional cultivation

Vanilla Pods

LAVANY Bourbon Vanilla Pods from Madagascar are certified AB - Organic Agriculture or come from Conventional farming.
Undeniably the best of Vanilla selected for its incomparable aromatic and gustatory powers.
The pods should be fatty, flexible, shiny. They will develop and exhale their fragrance in your infusions.
Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar is known and recognized by all professionals as a precious and beneficial spice.
It has always sublimated our pastries, ice creams, creams, yogurts, all festive preparations.
In Madagascar the farmers, conscientious and in love with a job well done, are always proud to offer you the best of their culture with each new harvest.

Vanilla Pods Conventional - 250g
THE CONVENTIONAL VANILLA FOR PROFESSIONALS Vanilla pods LAVANY Bourbon de Madagascar, variety Planifolia, from from the CONVENTIONAL AGRICULTURE, Black GOURMET, Superior Quality, Not Split, pod length from 14cm to20 cm. Guaranteed traceability and respect for the environment From planter to consumer without intermediary