Loyalty points


Do you like to receive LOYALTY POINTS when you make a purchase?

Do you refuse a DISCOUNT at the time of payment?

You will accumulate LOYALTY POINTS with your orders which you can then use as DISCOUNT on your next purchase.

  • The more you buy, the more LOYALTY POINTS you will earn!

It's easy, simple and without any particular commitment on your part!

  • Discounts on purchases

On new purchases, you will be able to exchange the LOYALTY POINTS acquired on previous purchases for reductions and, in addition, you will accumulate LOYALTY POINTS from the next purchase!

  • Points and discounts visible throughout the store

The LOYALTY POINTS that you get with each product at the time of purchase are visible:
  • in the list of products,
  • in the category page,
  • in the shopping cart,
  • in the payment part, etc...
  • in MY ACCOUNT - MY LOYALTY POINTS you will manage the acquired LOYALTY POINTS available

    Throughout your ordering process you will always know how many LOYALTY POINTS you will get with the current order, and what the reduction linked to this order will be that you can use on the next purchase!

  • Using your LOYALTY POINTS

In addition, you can exchange your LOYALTY POINTS for a reduction, equivalent to a 5% DISCOUNT, from your MY ACCOUNT area, but also from the payment section just before finalizing the order.

  • 1 LOYALTY POINTS earned for 4,00 of purchase exluding taxes.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further explanations.

Thank you for your lotalty!

Lucia RANJA-SALVETAT Gérante de Vanille LAVANY
Manager of Vanille LAVANY

+33 05 63 47 77 68