Our preserved terroirs

Our preserved terroirs LAVANY Bourbon from Madagascar

Map of Madagascar with the positioning of our village of Betavilona


Madagascar, located in the Indian Ocean, is recognized as the center of cultivation of the best vanilla.

With around 1,200 tons, its annual production represents 70 to 80% of world production.

Map of the SAVA production area of the Vanilla LAVANY Bourbon from Madagascar


The northeast region of Madagascar is thus called S.A.V.A. for Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar and Andapa, the four main towns of the production districts. It brings together the ideal conditions for growing vanilla: a humid tropical climate with average temperatures between 20°C and 30°C.

The rains are abundant from December to March, light in September and October, average the rest of the year.

STABEX - Popularization manual for the preparation of vanilla in Madagascar


Through the STABEX program, the GES (Group of SAVA Companies) and the GNEV (Group of Vanilla Exporters) have set up a technical framework for quality for the benefit of professionals grouped around a hundred village associations.

Each year, Malagasy vanilla exporters must renew their export approval by satisfying the regulations in force in Madagascar.

Not everyone can claim to be able to export Vanilla ...

This "quality approach" initiated by the Malagasy Government and supported by the European Union highlights the rigor of the work of growing and preparing Malagasy Vanilla.
It is now adopted by many operators: growers, refiners and exporters.

logos GES (Group of SAVA Companies) and GNEV (Group of Vanilla Exporters)

Village of Betavilona View of Malagasy sky

The village of Betavilona in Madagascar - GPS coordinates 14.77696 - 49.93605

Vanilla tree with green pods of Vanilla LAVANY Bourbon from Madagascar and Anicet the planter in Betavilona

Liana of Vanilla and Transport of Green Vanilla by canoe.


The village of Betavilona is isolated in the heart of the SAVA in the Malagasy bush at about 300 meters above sea level.
It is a preserved environment in the middle of forests primaries with luxurious endemic flora specific to Madagascar.

Our vanilla plantations are located in a wooded mountain area, with unique intense red-colored soil, out of reach of urban, industrial and agricultural pollution.

The village is not served by any roads. Only the Ankavana River allows us to travel in a long day by motorized canoe between our plantations and the city of Antalaha seat of our refining and storage station of Manambato bordering the Indian Ocean.

Our basic profession as a grower comes from traditional know-how bequeathed by previous generations. It has evolved little. Agricultural work in the plantations is still entirely manual.

All plantations managed by the RANJA Family have been certified for three years AB - Organic Agriculture by logo ECOCERT Certification of LAVANY Bourbon Vanillas in Madagascar

LAVANY Vanilla Bourbon logo from Madagascar