Who are we ?

The RANJA Family in Antalaha - Madagascar



The Plantation LAVANY was founded in 1924 by Egyptienne RANJA and Edouard RAJERA our great-grandparents in the bush village of Betavilona, northeast of Madagascar, in the heart of SAVA.

Egyptienne Ranja and Edouard Rajera the founders of the LAVANY Plantation in Madagascar

The story of Vanilla LAVANY
is inseparable from that of our Family.


Jimmy, one of the managers of our plantations in Betavilona

For four generationswe plant and refine the Organic Bourbon Vanilla.

Jimmy, un of Plantation Managers at Betavilona


Bernadette RAZANANY Manager of RANJA Establishments in Antalaha - Madagascar

Bernadette RAZANANY
Establishment Manager. RANJA in Antalaha

Amédée BOTRA Director technique of Ets RANJA in Antalaha - Madagascar

Amédée BOTRA
Technical Director

"Naivo" Jean-Eudes JERA, Head of operation of RANJA Establishments in Antalaha - Madagascar

" Naivo" Jean-Eudes JERA
Operations Manager

"Go" Hungary BOTRA, Operations Manager of RANJA Establishments in Antalaha - Madagascar

" Go" Hongrie BOTRA
Operations Manager

Tasting of a panettone with Vanilla LAVANY by l 'Ripening and packaging team of the RANJA establishment in Antalaha - Madagascar

Tasting a panettone à la Vanilla LAVANY by Curing and Packaging Team

Lucia RANJA-SALVETAT, Manager of Vanille LAVANY - SARL Laline Saveurs - 14, Rue Alan Turing - 81000 ALBI - France

Since 2002, I am proud to represent the 4th generation and to continue our beautiful family adventure

"We continue to grow and refine Vanilla LAVANY according to traditional methods. Our main objective is to preserve our environment by offering our Client-partners, for each harvest, the best Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar. Also, we do not use any pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and our crops are non-GMO

"We are content with what nature gives us"

A family business like ours can only exist and last by offering rigorously selected vanilla beans of a exceptional.

" Our main daily concern is to give complete satisfaction to our most demanding loyal Customers."

Lucia RANJA-SALVETATlogo Vanilla LAVANY Planter - Refiner Bourbon from Madagascar
Manager of Vanilla LAVANY