Retail Kit
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Retail Kit


The Retail KIT presents on a rotating counter display the 4 major products of the Vanilla range LAVANY Bourbon from Madagascar from Organic Farming certified FR-BIO-01 by Ecocert logo:

  • 2 Pods of Vanilla Organic Farming, total net weight 8 g, length 17 cm, in glass tube and blister

  • 50 ml of Liquid Natural Extract Flavor Organic Farming 200 g/Litre, in bottle and blister

  • 15 g of Pure Vanilla Powder Organic Farming, in aluminum PET dose sachet

Sold individually

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Each product can be restocked separately according to your needs (link to the Refills page for the Retail Kit)

The Delicatessen KIT for retail sale comprises:


  • 20 secure blister packs of 2 Vanilla Beans Organic Farming, length 17cm, total net weight 8g, packed in tube of glass with an airtight PET cap/cap
  • 20 secure blister packs of 50 ml Liquid Natural Extract Flavor Organic Farming 200 g/Liter, in PET bottle with cap secure screw
  • 20 doses of 15g Pure Vanilla Powder Organic Farming, in aluminum foil bag with zip closure for easy opening and closing

  • various COMMUNICATION MEDIA offered
  • 50 Flyers 10 x 15 cm presenting the 4 products of the Vanilla range LAVANY
  • 1 Window sticker, format 10 x 15 cm

This compact display, with 3 rotating sides in A4 format, will easily find its place on your counter - minimum space on the counter 28 x 28 cm.

The 4 products are ready to be displayed in aesthetic packaging without any handling.

Today more and more consumers are concerned about their well-being and are looking for good healthy products for their diet.

By becoming a Reseller of our excellent quality Vanilla, from Organic Farming, from a single source, from an identified terroir, you become an actor in this new distribution "from producer to consumer".

You also diversify your sources of profit.

You share and affirm with your Customers your qualitative approach by choosing a reliable source of supply with a short circuit.

You join forces and help a family of Vanilla Bourbon producers in Madagascar.


    • Raw material certified by FR-BIO-01 ECOCERT Logo ECOCERT Certificate available on simple REQUEST button
    • 100% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.
    • 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

    • Packaging:
      In a cardboard box, with assembly instructions, a bag of 50 flyers and a window sticker.
    • Shelf Life - BBD:
      24 months, keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.
    • Tip:
      Aerate (minimum 30 minutes) the Vanilla Beans after opening the glass tube.
      Aerate ( minimum 10 minutes) the Pure Vanilla Powder after opening the sachet, and close it well with the zip.
45 cm
30 cm
40 cm
7.25 kg

Technical sheet Vanilla Pure POWDER ORGANIC FARMING

Download (353.12k)

Technical sheet Vanilla PODS ORGANIC FARMING

Download (529.04k)

Technical sheet 25 ORGANIC ECONOMY Refills

Download (386.92k)
KIT Fine Food

Technical sheet KIT Fine Food

Download (3.6M)
Technical Assembly KIT Fine Food

Technical sheet Assembly instructions KIT Fine Food

Download (642.82k)
ORGANIC extract 400 g/L

Technical sheet ORGANIC liquid EXTRACT equivalent to 200 g of Vanilla pods per liter of Extract

Download (991.41k)