Conventional Vanilla Powder
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Conventional Vanilla Powder

The Pure Powder of Conventional Vanilla LAVANY comprises only whole pods with seeds, variety Planifolia, specially ripened for this use< /span>.

To obtain this powder we have chosen the technology of cold grinding at very low temperature allowing the total preservation of the aromatic taste qualities of Vanilla.

  • no heating during grinding
  • no oxidation
  • homogeneity of the powder obtained and regular particle size (500µ).

It mixes perfectly with all preparations that cannot receive liquid .

In Madagascar the producers, conscientious and loving a job well done, are always proud to offer you with each new harvest the best of their culture.

  • check 250g in 1 pack
  • check 500 g in 2 packs of 250 g
  • check 750 g in 3 packs of 250 g
  • check 1000 go 1 kg in 4 confezioni da 250 g
  • check 2 kg in 8 packs of 250 g
  • check 5 kg in 20 packs of 250 g
  • Scent and taste:
    Woody and spicy Vanilla.
  • Use:
    In infusion, Cream, Pastry, Ice cream, Yogurt, Chocolate, Savory and sweet recipes.

    • Packaging *:
      Vacuum, in transparent PET bags of food grade per 250 grams.
    • Shelf life - Best before:
      In its vacuum bag: 24 months.
    • Advice:
      Aerate (minimum 10 minutes) the Vanilla Powder with l open the vacuum bag.
      Store away from direct sunlight and away from a heat source.
      Open the vacuum bags as needed.

* The transparent PET bag is fully recyclable.

0.50 kg

Technical sheet Pure Vanilla POWDER CONVENTIONAL Farming

Download (330.9k)